Governing Body

UOP ACO is governed by an independent private practice physician Board of Managers.  The present UOP ACO Board was nominated and appointed as part of the organization of the Company.  The initial Board was selected as a result of their past experience with other ACO’s and because one of the prospective participants consists of a large group of primary care physicians operating under a single billing TIN, which warranted giving that TIN significant representation on the Board.   Each Board Member will serve 1 year unless re-elected by the members at the UOP ACO annual meeting.  All participating physicians (providers and suppliers) are encouraged to seek nomination and election to the Board of Managers.  The goal of UOP ACO is to encourage active participation in the governance by all participating physicians so that each ACO participant is meaningfully represented.


Member Last Name

Member First Name

Member Title / Position

Membership Type:

Alhusein Nazem Chairman/Board Member ACO Participant Representative
Selznick Thomas Vice Chairman/ Board Member ACO Participant Representative
Hammoud Yasser Medical Director ACO Participant Representative
Vespa Anthony Executive Director Other-Advisor to the ACO
Attalla Yassir Treasurer/Board Member ACO Participant Representative
Haddad Marwan Secretary/Board Member ACO Participant Representative
Jawad Afif Board Member Community Stakeholder Representative
Wayne Michael Board Member ACO Participant Representative
Rosenberg Dan Board Member ACO Participant Representative
MacDermid Norman Board Member ACO Participant Representative
Alaouie Mohamed Board Member Medicare Beneficiary Representative
Hammoud Zane Board Member Other- Advisor to the ACO
Muslah Saleh Board Member ACO Participant Representative