Clinical & Administrative Leadership

ACO Executive Director: Demetrio Timban

Medical Director: Yasser Hammoud, MD

Compliance Official: Demetrio Timban

Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Maria Alazzawi, MD, MBA


  1. Operations and Oversight

    • Chairperson- Yasser Hammoud, MD 
      • The committee provides the oversight for the systems, access and training necessary to facilitate the combined visions of CMS and UOP ACO while complying with statutory requirements.  The committee will ensure the deployment of systems including disease management, EHEM and financial risk evaluation and planning.  The committee is also for the  maintenance of a network of high performing physicians and ancillary providers who work with UOP ACO to support our vision.  The committee will ensure effective coverage of services and locations by credentialed and contracted providers and will support the providers with information, training and materials.
  2. Compliance Committee

    • Chairperson- Demetrio Timban 
      • The Compliance Committee is led by a designated official who reports directly to the UOP ACO Board of Directors.  This committee is responsible for the organization’s compliance with Federal and State law, and CMS rules and regulations.  The committee will develop procedures, protocols and guidelines to ensure adherence to the UOP ACO compliance program and to identify and address compliance problems related to UOP ACO operations and performance, provide compliance training for the UOP ACO participants and providers/suppliers and report probable violations of law to an appropriate law enforcement agency and create an independent, anonymous compliance concerns reporting system for patients, providers and others.
  3. Finance Committee

    •  Chairperson- Satish Kamath, MD
      • The Finance Committee is responsible for budget management, assets, accounting, debt management, investments, and financial reporting.  Their mission is to manage and maintain financial records in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with State and Federal laws.  The committee will develop and maintain effective and efficient financial planning, reporting and central support systems in order to support UOP ACO.
  4. Quality and Care Coordination Committee

    • Chairperson- Nazem Alhusein MD
      • The Quality and Care Coordination Committee will review network and individual physician performance to ensure compliance with the mission and vision of CMS and UOP ACO, including the quality measures as defined by CMS.  Responsibilities are to define, measure, track and report any and all actual or perceived quality of care issues, propose improvements, provide physician coaching and to ensure compliance.